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On a balmy evening at the end of May a group of IJDC members and friends travelled to St Margarets for a demonstration of vapour blasting by Tony McDonnell of TAD Ltd.

Vapour blasting uses only environmentally safe media and clear water to wash away years of dirt, rust oil and carbon. The media is light and has the texture of very fine flour. It is mixed in the blasting pot with vapour and sent along the blast hose at only 7 psi. The slurry mixture is pumped to the nozzle and the operator can get very close and feather the surface. Feathering means that he can strip away the surface layer by layer with great accuracy and without damaging components, such as the hose in the photo below, or adjacent paintwork. Even the delicate parts, such as radiator fins, can be cleaned using this system.

Vapour blasting is used to peen or profile a surface to SSA 2.5 – the international standard of cleaning a metal surface which will be painted . Also, the action of blasting the surface actually peens the surface pores closed, giving you a surface that is harder and more stain-resistant than when it was new.

Vapour blasting has many other applications such as boat defouling, grafitti removal and stonework cleaning. Tony prices each job individually so take a look at  www.tadltd.ie for more information or talk to Tony at the Irish Classic & Vintage Motor Show in July.


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