• The Irish Jaguar and Daimler Club
  • Autumn 2023

  • Issue 27
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Tom Castles
Joey Wickham Trophy Winner

Club Events
National Weekend, Cavan Museum, Ring of Gullion

Autumn 2023

Chairman's Message

As always, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to The Irish Jaguar & Daimler Club to all our new and returning members. It’s hard to believe the classic car season is winding down and cars are starting to head to winter storage. Don’t forget to fill with antifreeze as not all storage facilities are heated and even indoors a block and head can freeze leading to a few blown frost plugs been the only damage if your lucky. Another item on your list should be a battery charger/conditioner, this makes a big difference to the life span of a lead/acid battery.

Brendan McCoy wrote an in-depth article in the last edition of The Growler on the effects of Ethanol if you had a chance to read it please do so. Ethanol is a powerful solvent that without a suitable additive, attacks many fuel system components, so when is the last time you changed your fuel lines? I changed mine this summer to E25 spec and shiny new hose clips thus cutting down on the risk of fire from a burst hose. This year has been very successful for our Club with lots of quality runs and trips away, ranging from Go Kart racing in February to our very successful trip to Wales in September.

Event and member interaction are now the focus of the Club since the decision was taken to park the idea of holding a show. Membership is touching the 140 mark and has grown each year since 2020.

The next part of the plan to grow membership is the relaunch of our website. Les Farmer has us near a launch date and the emphasis will be on events, cars and member interaction. Jerry Collins, Brendan McCoy, Tony O’Connor along with myself are currently working on a new constitution and articles of association for the Club and currently have the new ones in draft form. Wishing you all safe and trouble-free motoring this autumn.

Best wishes
John McEneff
IJDC Chairman

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